Room with a View

”Room With a View” explores the logic of perception in relation to a sealed room and how images can be used to produce an impression of space. Before the camera I construct settings with the aim to create an illusion of a wide-stretched landscape within four walls. With wallpapers, furniture and natural material a room is created, where real nature interacts with a landscape on an image and where the walls seems to open up to wilderness. 

Central for the project is the exploration of the conflict between real and staged nature, what happens with the characteristics of a landscape when placed in sealed space, to which extent an image can replace reality and how we define the essence of a nature experience.Through the work I want to bring forth collisions between mental experience and physical truth. Create an optical trick where the endlessness of nature confronts the four walls of a room, a game between the open and the shut, between imagination and reality. 

Through the settings I have tried to produce a gap, or a bridge, between what we perceive and what we want to perceive. The images on the walls represent spots outside interior space, landscapes that isn’t supposed to be there. Our individual way of thinking and our ability to let go of logical thinking in relation to space, affects on whether we interpret the setting as a possibility or a limitation, i.e. as a landscape or a room or something in between the two. In the work the genuine experience of an environments presence collides with the landscapes that moves around in our minds and we are confronted with questions concerning how important the sense of authenticity is for the interpretation of our surroundings.

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