This photo work is the result of a scholarship that I gained in summer 2007.My taskwas to create an artistic portrait of the city Koblenz in Germany. 

The character of a city is determined by different factors: Of its geography andarchitecture and, above all, of the people, who live in it. My intention of thework is to give an impression of the city by focusing the individual persons themselves. To get closer to Koblenzand its people, I decided for an offensive tactic: For the work I addressed people in the streets directly, - persons who had attracted my attention due to their clothes, vibrancy, posture etc. I portrait them detached from the ground, hanging on walls, trees or lanterns. As pieces of find that you place clearly visible on the spot where you had found them, i.e. a glove hanging on a fence. These motives represent there by the specific of Koblenz - in a very casual way. 

By playfully integrating typical places into the picture composition, taking inscene the passers-bye on these „stage“, i apperently can incorporate documentary and city-historical aspects besides.

In this manner i create new perspectives on well-known sights like the „German corner“ or the historical city centre with his pretty picturesque lanes, but i also show some of the socalled „Koblenzer eyesores“ which are also a typical part of the city.

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