Ivo Mayr is a german artist/ photographer, whostudied photography at university of applied science in Dortmund, Germany.

In his artistic work he is interested inplaying with the viewing habits of the observer. In his productions he putsbizarre pictures into the viewing perspective which show people (mostlyindividuals) in absurd, funny poses in urban or rural environments.  (the people portrayed are often notphysically connected with the ground). Physical laws seem to be abandoned.Because of the irritation this causes the viewer to look closer in order tounderstand the picture.


2008             International Photography Award 2008 IPA (Los Angeles) 1st place
                     in the category “Digitally enhanced” and honorable mention in the categories
                     „Deeper Perspective“ and “Fine Art” with the work “passanten”
                     Canon ProFashional Award 2008

2007             Koblenzer Stadtfotograf 2007  (scholarship of the city Koblenz) 

2006             IF concept award with “lightweight”
2005             Kodak new talent award with the work “lightweight“


2012             11 FREUNDE “Leidenschaft”
                     Berlin, Postbahnhof ( 08.june - 01. july 2012 ) group exhibition
2009             “Backlight 08 tickle attack”
                     Lodz/Poland ( 07. - 31. may 2009 ), group exhibition

                     Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Centralstation Darmstadt (24.-26. April 2009), group exhibition

                     “Passers-Bye”, Russian Centre of Photography in St. Petersburg (28.march  - 31.april 2009), solo

                     Inspiracje 2009
                     Internationale Photographic Festival in Szczeci/Poland ( 19. - 22. March 2009), group exhibition
                     Designers Fair, Rheintriadem Cologne, group exhibition

2008             “StadtLandFlucht” ,  building of VHS Essen, solo exhibition

                     “Backlight 08-tickle attack”, Oulu/Finland, group exhibition with “passers-by”

                     “Fall”, F/Stop Leipzig, group exhibition

                     “The orchestration of people in photography”, Landesmuseum Koblenz, group exhibition

                     “Passers-By”, Sparkasse Koblenz, solo exhibition

                     Gallery Heimatdesign, Dortmund, solo exhibition

2007             “Perplex”, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, group exhibition

                     “works 2004- 2007 ”, Koblenz, solo exhibition

                     Photo summer 2007, Stuttgart, group exhibition

2006             Visual Gallery at Photokina, Cologne, group exhibition

2005             “Der zweite Blick”, Focus Award Dortmund, group exhibition

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