Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls is a series of three photographs in large scale, which explores fragmental space on the border between the realistic and the distorted. The images depict settings of interiors placed in different kinds of natural landscapes, with human everyday life put together with forest, ocean and wasteland. The walls appear to have been torn down; the wild nature is trespassing on the interior when placed side by side. The outer landscapes replace the walls of the airy rooms, the sky becomes a ceiling, and the ground becomes a floor. The interiors are dominated by comfort and relaxation, with a few objects linking them to the outside world opening up for a world beyond everyday life, environments shaped for daydreaming of places outside of the limits of the walls. 

The work is an exploration of appearances of interiors and their relation to wildlife and barren landscapes, and how the meaning and function of manmade environments change when placed in a nature context. It is an investigation of the line where we start to interpret space as limitless and an interior as part of an unbroken landscape. I wanted to create an optical contrast between open and sealed space, where boundlessness confronts the restrained. The series was inspired by the conflict between realistic and phantasmal motifs and how they affecton our hesitation of interpreting photographs. An attempt to realize and give physical shape to the unrealistic landscape sprung from an abstract world of imagination, where landscape and interior space is blending. The title points at the borderline for our ability of visualization; things that we can’t really see or understand because a mental or physical obstacle blocks our thoughts or our sight.

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