The presence of nature in both my life and my work is very high. I have always been drawn to contemplating human behaviour and our relationship vis-à-vis nature. "Animalia" sets out to be a bridge between humans and nature.

Nowadays we are caught up in a 100% human system of living. We've invented the economics which govern our day-to-day existence, and different modes and social structures of community life; we live in architectural landscapes built by ourselves... I'm not criticizing this: it's simply arisen out of human "evolution", hence there's still something natural about it. But what about our biological nature? At what point to we cease to be animals? Are we really in another class of life forms?

An instinct, a personality, a way of acting and being are constant features of each one of us. Our identities are influenced by our upbringing and education, but that indefinable"something" also makes us different, even when we've had the same upbringing and grown up in the same surroundings. That's our freedom, which we sometimes seek insolitary places or in "non-everyday" settings in order to bring out the animal in us and to feel it rise to the surface above our human moral, ethical etc. standards... sometimes violently and aggressively, but also spiritually and contemplatively. In "Animalia" we are aiming for this second form of expression.

The locations used in "Animalia" are dotted around the planet, but they aren't necessarily well-known places, because the idea is to convey a diversity of sites and generic personalities so that the basic concept doesn't lose power. During the production process the photos of the sites and animals are taken separately. In most cases I look for animals in photography websites such as flickr. This makes the process lengthy and laborious, because the chosen image must meet very specific conditions of light, grain, composition, etc... and at the same time it must be of a high enough resolution that it can be blown up in size quite considerably. Once I have the two photos I build up the final composition using image manipulation software. The most interesting thing that comes out of this whole process is that I never know how the final picture is going to turn out, because I have to start from scratch searching for two images that go well together; and in order to achieve that, I have to test and re-test.

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